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A Registered Player Financial Advisor with the NFLPA 

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EPSF works with all major professional sports personnel

EPSF works with all major professional sports personnel, including all professional athletes, coaches, and high-level team and management personnel.

We have a plan that is unique for each person and sport.  We do this for the following reasons:

  • Each sport compensates its players differently throughout the year.  Some sports have guaranteed income while others have large bonuses and very little guaranteed income.  The differences in compensation create distinctive cash flow requirements that call for us to have a “sports-specific” cash flow plan.
  • The retirement benefits and vesting schedules for each league vary widely and must be coordinated differently.  Your retirement benefits will play a crucial role in your long term financial success.  We have an in depth knowledge of the retirement options available to all professional athletes and coaches.
  • Each person we work with has different needs.  This requires detailed planning that is exclusive to you and your family’s individual needs.  We do not have a “one size fits all” plan.  Our planning is exclusively yours alone.
  • The longevity of your playing career can differ dramatically depending on your sport.  This is a key factor in determining your individual plan and investment strategy.  We have specific strategies for each sport depending on average longevity that are tailored to your plan. 

Edgewater Pro Sports Financial will work closely with you and your agent, with your best interests in mind, to help ensure that you have a confident financial future after a successful professional sports career. It starts with our relationship with you, where we learn and understand your goals and unique circumstances.

A successful career starts with your professional sports contract, and is sustained with the wise guidance and planning from Edgewater Pro Sports Financial. Contact EPSF today at 800.344.2534 to start planning for your life during and after sports.