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A Registered Player Financial Advisor with the NFLPA 

Securities Offered through Raymond James Financial Services, Inc


Comprehensive Personal Financial Management for Professional Athletes

  • We are an independent financial services provider. Securities offered through Raymond James Financial Services, Inc. Member FINRA/SIPC
  • Edgewater Pro Sports Financial does not disclose client relationships without express permission.
    Provides clients with personal financial management, including portfolio planning and management. We plan financial strategy down to the smallest detail.
  • Working with the client, we review their current financial position, needs, risk tolerance and life goals.
  • An investment policy statement is developed to match the client’s profile.
  • A monthly savings amount and spending budget is established for our clients.
  • Based on specific criteria, individual investments are selected and an appropriate portfolio is developed.
  • The client’s portfolio is continuously monitored for performance and is coordinated with their professional sports 401(k) and retirement plans.


  • Complete personal financial management
  • Preparation for both playing career and post-football “Life’s Work”
  • Enhancement and refinement of athletic skills and technique*
  • Counseling for both players and their families in the challenges and expectations leading up to and during their playing career*
  • Guidance to a player’s family and keeping them up to date on the player’s career and progress*
  • Help in understanding and dealing with the highs and lows of professional athletics*
  • Daily counsel in personal interaction with coaches and teammates*
  • Advice on agent selection for contract negotiations*
  • Financial portfolio planning and management
  • Coordination of NFLPA benefits packages*

 Dan Henson is not affliated with Raymond James.